Economic Liberalization Of The United Arab Emirates

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Mona Darwish Research Paper Research Question: Has economic liberalization been occurring in the UAE? Economic Liberalization in the United Arab Emirates The economy in the United Arab Emirates has experienced substantial increases in the last 40 years. The UAE’s capabilities with the pearling and oil industries have given the region its necessary budgets to expand so rapidly. The economic policies in the UAE have gone through stages, since the birth of the region in 1971. Changes in economic welfare of the markets, and privatization policies are also key aspects in understanding the UAE’s economic liberalization and growth. In order to understand the UAE’s economic standard, economic liberalization must be analyzed. The argument of this paper will discuss how economic liberalization has occurred in the United Arab Emirates and is continuing to grow. Economic liberalization is the openness of free trade, privatization of public services, and minimal regulations over markets. Economic growth is the increase in GDP from the markets. The two terms connect together for the UAE due to the economic growth allowing economic liberalization to flourish in the region to keep up with the modernity occurring. With economic growth increasing rapidly, the UAE has felt it necessary to liberalize its economy in order to diversify its region and allow for more opportunities domestically and internationally. In the United Arab Emirates, economic liberalization would mean that
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