Economic Policies Influenced Or Enforced By Imf On European Countries Essay

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This article will look at present economic strategies influenced or enforced by IMF on European countries as a result of the recent bank crisis suggesting that such tactics represent economic dogma and will cause serious problems to the respective economies. It will propose that: 1) such measures are traditionally employed to combat inflation, 2) such methods will stagnate economies, 3) economies require stimulation not repression, 4) public spending has a wealth creation agenda that has been overlooked, 5) governments, influenced by IMF and America, are ignoring this fact, 6) the lessons of the Chinese economy are not being learned, 7) the importance of local government direct wealth stimulation to British economic environment. Since 2009 the British economy has been failing. Although economic recovery recently looked possible, it has continued to falter. At present with the prospect of high energy prices, there is the possibility of inflation, although some commentators still hold that this is unlikely. Nevertheless, there has been a considerable fall in productivity. Stringent Economic Strategies: The present economic strategies, forcefully encouraged by the IMF, are liable to cause long term stagnation. The strategies I suggest are the result of the influence of lumbering economic dogma disdainful of government directed economies. Willfully pursued by the British government, and imposed on the economies of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal these measures rather than
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