Economic Policies Pave The Roadway For How America Operates

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Main Themes Economic policies pave the roadway for how America operates. It determines the successfulness of the country or the downfall. When we look at today 's biggest problems such as; social security, globalization, poverty, immigration, etc. there is a common theme. That is, that the state of our economy impacts all them. In the book, Crunch: Why Do I Feel So Squeezed (And Other Unsolved Economic Mysteries)? Written by Jared Bernstein, he delves into exactly how the economy can tie together so many aspects of our daily lives. He does a great job of explaining that ordinary citizens are affected by economics just as much as, if not more than, top leaders. The main themes that the book focuses on is why certain institutions like our healthcare system are failing. He also investigates why the middle class was hit the hardest by the 2007 recession. He concluded that economics is about power, and the middle class did not hold any. Another main theme he comes back to is that economics has been hijacked by the rich and powerful, and they do not have regard for the “everyday people”. Everything from tax cuts to rising educations costs was not done with the middle class in mind. However, they are the ones who are hit the hardest with it. The middle class is expected to keep up with trends such as obtaining a higher education, taking out mortgages for new houses and seeking out childcare. But, yet due to inflation, incomes are not being raised enough to meet these

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