Economic Prosperity : George Washington 's Farewell Address

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Esha Parikh
16 January 2015
Economic Prosperity: 1898-1945:
Prior to the 1890’s, the United States followed a foreign policy of seclusion to worldly matters. This idea stemming from George Washington’s Farewell Address to “avoid entangling alliances” became the foundation for American seclusion and detachment, a policy which resulted in this country being able to overcome tremendous internal difficulties facing the rising, fast-changing state of America. The Manifest Destiny enlarged American borders and created speedy industrialization, which made the nation powerful. New interests and concepts also began to change our foreign policies such as social Darwinists, which stressed the significance of forte and evolution, while others assimilated the “little brown brothers” who needed to be taught responsibly. {1-2 sentences on the economics of the Gilded Age before 1898: Panics, economic growth after the Civil War, 2nd Industrial Revolution} Urged by economic benefits, people wanted new markets for their goods, while others ravished the riches of new land. Due to the America’s strive to become the Worlds greatest nation throughout history, the American economy was able to benefit after the Spanish American war and World War II, as opposed to the inflation and lead up to the Great Depression which World War I inflicted on the economy.
In 1898 President McKinley dispatched the USS Maine on a "friendly" mission to Cuba during the war that led to America’s first
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