Economic Relations Between China And China

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The United States has proved to be a prominent influence around the world whether or not it may have positively affected other countries. In some cases, the dependency of one allows for the growth of the other such as the instance of China. Although China stands as one of the biggest communist countries, statistics have shown that “China is 175.6% dependent on the U.S.” (Chang). Although both divergent from the other, the United States’ bilateral relationship with China is essential and necessary for their success and diplomacy. Through an economic standpoint, “the U.S. approach to its economic relations with China has two main elements: integrating China into the global, rules-based economic and trading system and expanding U.S. exporters ' and investors ' access to the Chinese market” (U.S. Relations). The United States stands at a national deficit of approximately $19,231,466,800,000 and counting (U.S. National Debt). On the other hand, China suffers with a $5,385,184,290,350 national debt (NationalDebtClocks). To put things into perspective, from those 19 trillion, the US owes about 1.16 trillion to China (Wilson). The dependency is clearly there. Countries do not merely borrow money for the sack of borrowing money, rather from a place of necessity to attain what money may be able to offer its citizens. China benefits from having the US be in debt to them in more ways than one. For starters, all countries want its denizens to be employed because only then, could they

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