Economic Restructuring And Revitalization Of Detroit Michigan Post World War II

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This paper explores the economic restructuring and revitalization of Detroit Michigan post World War II until today. The purpose of this research paper is to show the history of Detroit’s auto and manufacturing industry, in what ways it has changed in recent years, and how it has helped define the economy of Detroit and damaged it. This paper suggests that the deindustrialization of plants and industries and the depopulation of whites to the Suburbs have triggered the economic downfall of the Motor City. Some social issues such as race discrimination and segregation that might have led to the riots of 1943, and 1967, and the migration of African Americans to Northern States in search of employments will be discussed as well. In
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“General Motors, the country’s leader in defense contracts, is firmly fixed in the public mind with the manufacture of automobiles… 35 percent of its total business is non-automotive. This diversification… gives General Motors an enormous advantage... But little of this helps Michigan now, since G.M. no longer concentrates its military work in this area” (Widick, 1959, Pg. 1).
Widick (1959) suggests that a large percentage of the manufacturing was military based, however after World War II, General Motors expanded its military production to other cities and countries losing the main focus on Detroit. The manufacturing of war weapons, vehicles, and airplanes generated the economic spur in Detroit and the United States during World War II because the United States produced weapons and military technology to allied countries without fully involving manpower in the war. The massive production of military products ended after the war and the production of weapons had decreased.
Capital Mobility. In 2005, Thomas Sugrue identified the roots of Detroit’s crisis through his article, The Origins of the Urban Crisis. Sugrue (2005) argues that restructuring came in the form of capital mobility. The growth of a national and international market for automobile companies led General Motors and Ford to
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