Economic Restructuring And Revitalization Of Detroit Michigan Post World War II

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This paper explores the economic restructuring and revitalization of Detroit Michigan post World War II until today. The purpose of this research paper is to show the history of Detroit’s auto and manufacturing industry, in what ways it has changed in recent years, and how it has helped define the economy of Detroit and damaged it. This paper suggests that the deindustrialization of plants and industries and the depopulation of whites to the Suburbs have triggered the economic downfall of the Motor City. Some social issues such as race discrimination and segregation that might have led to the riots of 1943, and 1967, and the migration of African Americans to Northern States in search of employments will be discussed as well. In conclusion, this paper tells the story of Detroit, and its regression from being the fourth wealthiest city of the United States to becoming one of the poorest, and how through recent restructuring and revitalization methods, the economy has begun to flourish again. The objective is to show the progress made by the industries, the government, and the citizens of Detroit to revitalize their city’s economy.

Detroit, From Riches to Rags:
The Economic Restructuring & Revitalization
Of Detroit Michigan
Economic restructuring in the United States refers to the shift from a manufacturing economic base to a more business sector service economy. In the case of some American cities, economic restructuring caused the demise of many old…

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