Economic Significance Of The Middle East

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Oil has always been valued, but in the 21st century, oil has an economic significance. In today’s world, it is used to power so many thing such as a cars. It can also be found in different parts of the world. However an amount of worlds’ oil can be found in the Middle East; making it very desirable to the United States and the other world super powers. The Middle East not only has vast amounts of oil, but it is also has the shortest route to Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Not only did the United States want oil or for its significant location but they also had interest in limiting the communist influence in the 20th century. Sixty-five percent of oil we use today in the United States is imported from countries like Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iraq; keep in mind that not only does oil power houses and cars for the citizens of the United States, but it is also used to power things like jets and tanks for our military. In the 1930’s, Oil was found in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but not until after World War II were Americans granted to explore parts of the Middle East for oil. By 1948, they hit the jackpot in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately for the United States, their relationship with Saudi Arabia was short lived due the U.S.’s alliance with Israel. The Israelis gained the West Bank, Gaza, and Syria’s Golan Heights with the help of the weapons provided by the United States. Keep in mind that the US supplied and supported the Israelis, and the Soviets supplied Egypt…

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