Economic Situation Of The United States

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Running head: ISSUES IN CORRECTION 1 Issues in correction

Concerns over the status of prisons have been increasing as the days go by. In the recent past, the economic situation of the United States has degraded thus leading to some of the critical issues facing correctional facilities unaddressed. This effect in the economy has led to prioritization of needs with which the government ought to attend. Surprisingly, the correctional facilities have not been on the forefront in the priority list. This conclusion is a result of the poor conditions of these facilities of the United States. Therefore, this paper that will look into the major challenges prisons facing in the United States.
According to Fay DE Meyer, a long serving instructor who has been teaching in the University of Phoenix as a specialist of justice in the correctional program in the institution says that the overall population of the inmates has been increasing at a high rate with `time. The total population of people sentenced has had a slight variation in terms of races and its general ethnical compositions. Towards the end of the year in 2003, the population of inmates in the correctional facilities had an overall population of 586,300 belonging to the African-American race. This was the most populated race in the correctional facilities. The second in population size were the Caucasians which were 454300 inmates. This number was
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