Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Tourism in the Lake District

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Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Tourism in the Lake District

In the Lake District tourism is very important and has a significant impact on the local economy.

But there is concern about the Lake District and how much more development it can take from the tourism industry.

The Lake District remained relatively untouched until the 19th century when railways allowed the large urban population of Northwest England to visit the National Park. Tourism and trade rose in the 1940's and it was realised that the park would need some special protection to protect it against the dangers of becoming to built up and loosing its natural attraction and appeal.

Over 12 million people visit
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The National Park local plan is seeking to better this problem by devising a Local Plan; it provides a framework that the tourism sector can develop in a way, which promotes the quiet public enjoyment of the national Park and at the same time supports local economy without spoiling the Lake District. These policies safeguard the natural beauty of the area which the tourism industry actually relies on for the future of tourism in the area, because if all the woodland is cleared for car parks etc then there will be no woodland for the tourists to come and see and if all the natural attractions are scrapped for hotels and pubs then there will be nothing for the tourists to come and see so there will be no need for hotels and pubs, so making the area more appealing to tourists could also be at the same time taking the appeal away as it becomes to built up.

There is plans for traffic management and tourism conservation meaning that although they are trying to conserve the countryside they are also making room for the tourist industry and so it can still thrive in this area as it is important to the local economy. But in cases where there are no way that they could find a solution that benefits both the conservation of the countryside would come first.

The national park authority deals with all the planning matters. Including waste. There
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