Economic, Social, and Political Causes of the Mexican Revolution

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History of the Americas

The Economic, Social, and Political causes of The Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution is one of the most significant historical events in Mexican history. Without the revolution Mexico would not be the democratic country that it is today. “The Mexican Revolution is often seen as a standard bearer through which other subsequent Latin American revolutions are interpreted.”(Darity) There were several significant events spanning several years that led up to the unrest of the Mexican people resulting in a revolution. For example, the Mexican-American War, and The Reform War which was also a civil war really gave way to the people standing up for what they believed in and revolting. More
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The Reform War was a civil war between the Mexican people, the conservatives vs. the liberals. With the unhappy reaction of the liberals chaos broke out and Comonfort resigned and Benito Juarez became president. “Comonfort died in an ambush in 1863”(Biography in context) With Juarez President the Reform War ended. The liberals considered this a political victory over the conservatives, having one of their own in office. “Juarez would free Mexico from the most flagrant remnants of neocolonialism.”(Scholes) After the Liberals defeated the conservatives, President Juarez had more to worry about. Some European countries were very upset with Mexico and their unpaid debt with them. They sent troops to Mexico but, they all withdrew themselves when they saw that French dictator Napoleon was planning to overthrow Juarez’s government. The overthrow of the Juarez government started the French Intervention in Mexico in 1862. With the help of the United states Juarez managed to gain back control, he became a hero in the eyes of most liberal Mexican’s for not backing down and running out the French.
Shortly after Juarez Porfirio Diaz stepped into the presidency, no one knowing that he was going to be stepping into neither the presidency for 31 years nor that those 31 years would
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