Economic Status Of The Middle Class

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After the Financial Crisis of 2008 the economic status of the country began taking a toll on the middle class. As the years have progressed, the increase in inequality without any aid to these hard working middle class families has grown to be a problem for Americans. Currently, the attitude of the American middle class is that they are being ignored by the United States government. This comes from many factors that have diminished the value and definition of a middle class American, in addition to forcing these Americans to struggle to make ends meet. The sense of pride of being a working middle class American has lost its appeal and has changed the predisposition of what it means to live above the means. Middle class families are struggling to provide necessities for their children. They are constantly worrying about how they will stretch their incomes and provide a comfortable lifestyle for their families. In order to provide immediate relief to the middle class action must be taken directly by the United States government. This concern for direct impact is shown with the initiatives by Democratic party leaders to aid the middle class. The Democrats have been strong proponents of pushing the middle class back up to its previous standard. They have actively defended the middle class, showing their support for immediate reform that would benefit specifically middle class workers. The middle class has continued to shrink and without action taken immediately this problem
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