Economic Structures: Islamophobia In The United States

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Islamophobia in New York, is due to multiple structures that oppress Muslims. These structures that oppress Muslims are economic structures through immigration and economic downfall, political structures that have lobbyists and other organizations paying politicians, and cultural structures that that are based off ignorance due to the media and government. The economic structures that attribute to Islamophobia are the fear of immigration and blaming an entire demographic for economic downfall. Immigration has always been an issue in the United States, and specifically a bustling city like New York. Many people fear that Muslim immigrants are taking their jobs and are ruining their livelihoods by doing so, this is due to the major flaw of…show more content…
The stagnation of jobs is known as the “bust period” (Ahmed). When the economy is in a “bust” period, such as 2008, it completely contrasts. Poverty becomes more and more common and people become furious. They want to blame someone for the economic decline, which in many cases ends up being immigrants. The blaming of a specific group due to economic downfall ostracizes them. This is evident for blaming Muslims for the Iraq war because they are “attacking us”, rather than U.S. involvement due to the dependency of oil (Ahmed). The reason for the economic structures that attribute to Islamophobia are the political structures that set the precedent for it. The political structures in the United States made Islam the most negatively viewed religion in the country. There are multiple foundations and wealthy donors that directly fund anti-Islam grassroots groups. Some of these organizations are the top contributors that promote Islamophobia in the United States: Donors…show more content…
The cultural structures portray Islam as a violent religion. In multiple surveys done by Gallup, one in five Americans believes that Muslims aren’t accepting of other religions (Gallup). This false notion draws the wrong image of Islam as a religion that believes it is the be-all and end-all, and not willing to integrate in multicultural societies. This is completely wrong and most people who are educated about Islam know that, however for the uneducated citizen this sounds true and brews more hatred. The hate of Muslims in America, mostly in NY, is apparent. One of the reasons for the mass hatred of Islam is specific media sources such as Fox News, that primarily shows cases of Islamic extremist attacks as much as possible, rather than the attacks on innocent Muslims that occur daily. The number of Islamophobic hate crimes have been an all time high since 9/11, but yet that isn’t shown in those outlets of media (Ali). Another survey by Gallup states that 48% of Muslims and 52% of Arabs have faced racial discrimination (Gallup). This is more than any demographic in the U.S.. Muslims and Arabs are being targeted, and mostly in NY. They were even targeted by the cops. The NYPD had secret agents that dressed and look like a traditional Arab Muslim and followed Muslims everywhere - mosques, neighborhoods, and common shops and places to get food (Apuzzo). Muslims in NY
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