Economic Theories On Economic Migration

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Throughout the project I have worked extensively with my tutor who had given me this opportunity to work on this project. I would like to thank him for his supervision, valuable guidance, advice and help provided. Without the help of my tutor, I would not able to complete this project report in successful manner as per the requirement. I would also like to thank my wonderful family and thoughtful friends who have provided me the warm support and who always encouraged me while understanding the basic concepts of this study. TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgement 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Marxism Approach on Economic Migration 6 Post-Colonialism Approach on Economic Migration 7 Comparing the…show more content…
Moreover it has been possible to combine and integrate the several perspectives on migration to assume the broader process of development. The specific theories on migration development have evolved over the last few decades to shift the economic and social theories of migration (Bauer T, Zimmermann K. 1998). Economic migration is concept of relocation of people from one place or country to another country with relates to the economic forces. These theories are developed based on the historical materialism and applied to the various economic, social and political issues. An economic migrant is the one who looks for the better opportunities and chances in the other countries. Economic migration is the mandatory for the growth and development of the economy with the betterment of the individuals (de Haas, H. 2010a). The history shows that 97 percent of the total world populations are not international migration. The majority of the people who do not migrate the despite economic models where depend on the push and pull factors of wages and unemployment for the future prediction. LITERATURE REVIEW During the nineteenth century the theory on laws of migration had been developed where the several pattern are assumed which are influenced by the distance and population. It is expected that with the economic migration people moves from the lower level of income to the higher level. These theories have different perspective from the micro and macro
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