Economic Theory, Democracy, and the Progressive Church

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To this end, modernization theory involves the belief that by adopting principles of wealthy nations, such as technology and mass culture, economically disenfranchised cultures can enjoy success (Weinstein, 2008). Implicit in modernization theory is that every country can achieve success through following the same framework. In contrast with modernization theory, dependency theory does not advocate for poorer nations to attempt to assimilate the practices of the wealthy ones. In this regard, dependency theory does not evince the commitment to globalization that characterizes modernization theory; countries are not seen as operating cooperatively and are instead viewed as competing for the same limited pool of resources. Additionally, where modernization theory necessarily involves technology and other principles of modernity (including the ability to interact with others from geographically distant locations), dependency theory does not subscribe to the belief that incorporating technology will lead to economic success (Scott, 1995). At stake in the debate between modernization theory and dependency theory is thus…
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