Economic Value of Water

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Economic value of water A Multi-Criteria Analysis approach

Water is an essential resource that has a multiplicity of use in domestic, Industrial, agricultural, hydropower generation, mining, environmental etc activities but the present unsustainable use and mismanagement in the Kafue Basin of Zambia has put pressure on the resource and conflicts among stakeholders have emerged due to the diminishing quality and quantity of the water from the main source- the Kafue River.

The current trends in the appropriation of water resources of the Kafue flats for human use, and particularly for irrigated agriculture are not sustainable. The water uses have risen due to low taxes and heavy subsidies on water by the Government of
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However, it should also be recognized that, the social welfare account includes not only economic welfare stocks and flows but also changes in properties, such as sense of identity, cultural and historical significance of the water resources components. The value data compiled in this context, vis-à-vis view points of different cultural and other interest groups give rise to different degrees of support for alternative decision-making procedures and the underlying valuations elicited via the social discourse process (Turner et al, 2004).

Relevance and justification

The study is intended to contribute to the national capacity building for water management. From the foregoing it can be seen that the study is important since it will contribute to the determination of ways of how water could be managed on a sustainable and efficient basis without incurring great negative externalities to the resource as well as to the environment.
The effect of human population and its characteristics on water use, distribution, abundance, and quality ought to be addressed and recommendations and strategies of water conservation should be made to answer future trends and scenarios in the Kafue basin.

Many of the major institutions benefiting from the Kafue waters hold comparable and complementary views on what potential actions would
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