Economic and Social Issues of North America

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North America is one of the most affluent region in the world. It has the leading and most influential economy but the country itself also contains complicated social issues. This essay will discuss the economy and social issue of North America, including the two countries Canada and the United States.
First, it has to be mentioned that North America has the most desirable resources abundance. Abundance of energy, metals, forest resources create the foundation for the economy to develop. But the success of North America comes with the contribution of high technology and specialization. The starting phrases of North America economy start with agriculture and they build the most efficient food system in the world.
After that comes the urbanization and industrialization. These processes are due to increased connectivity, which is the transportation and communication system. In 1860 30,000 miles of railroad track had been built, until 1910 it had been 250,000 miles. After 1920, automobile, paved highways, commercial air links, radio, telephone services reduce all the cost of distance. After that comes computer, satellite, telecommunication and Internet tech, making North America the leader in global information age.
With all these processes in the economy, the labor force also evolve from primary sector to secondary sector (manufacture, industrial) to services and information processing sector, workers in the two latter sectors take about 70% of the labor force.
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