Economical Monday Marketing Strategy

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It’s only shallow people who do not judge the world by appearances. The mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
--Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

This quotation by one of the greatest writer and ’thinker’ of the twentieth century nicely illustrates the topic which is going to be discussed in this paper; the notions that underlie and has triggered the enormous international success and which at the same time threatens such popularity of Cheap Monday the Swedish fashion brand.

Cheap Monday had probably made its widest international depute on the 19th of September, 2007 when Serena van der Woodsen—portrayed by Blake Lively—was arriving at Grand Central station in the sitcom Gossip Girl,. However, the
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By making decisions during consuptions and having preferances in relation to brands consumers constantly highlight their individual freedom and make a statement with the actual act of purchasing (Elliott and Wattanasuwan, 1998). Having had the opportunity to search the web for information on Cheap Monday I have gained the knowledge of online Cheap Monday communities (Facebook for instance), where people with the same common interest and values can meet to share and maintain the symbolic meanings relating the brand while creating a platform for discussion, or dialogue similar to the old cafe houses that were the melting pot of intellectual challenges in Baudelaire’s Paris. ’The importance of these platforms is indubitable as it is elaborately discussed in more detail: ’In order for the meaning of brands to become fully concrete, the mediated meaning derived from advertising and promotion must be negotiated with the lived experience of purchase and usage, and particularly for brands with social-symbolic positioning strategies these meanings must be validated through discursive elaboration in a social context’ (Elliott and Wattanasuwan, 1998).

Apparently, the worshipers of Cheap Monday had made the brand so big that it soon attracted the Swedish fashion colossus H&M. In the spring of 2008 HM acquired 60% of shares in Cheap Monday. The fashion

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