Economics Analysis : The Federal Reserve Essay

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Economics Analysis Essay For this assignment I picked “the role of the Federal Reserve” a mere recital of the economic policies of government all over the world is calculated to cause any serious student of economics to throw up his hands in despair (pg, 74). The Federal Reserve is now in the business of enforcing the United States government’s drug laws, even if that means making a mockery of both state governments’ right to set their drug policies and the Fed’s governing statutes. A Federal Reserve official who played a key role in the government 's response to the 2008 financial crisis says the government should do more to prevent a repeat of that crisis and should consider whether the nation 's biggest banks need to be broken up. Neel Kashkari says he believes the most major banks still continue to pose a "significant, ongoing" economic risk. The next ten years will see an explosion of government debt and an implosion of government’s ability to fulfill its promises. Any economic or investment model based on past performance under previous economic conditions will be worthless just as useless as the Federal Reserve’s models. The Bible establishes civil laws governing money. These laws rest on an accurate theory of money. Theologians do not recognize this. Neither do economists, who would not care even if they did recognize this. Today 's monetary policies violate the Bible 's laws governing money. The Bible is clear on three legal principles the monetary debasement is
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