Economics At The University Of York

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I am applying for a M.Sc. in Health Economics at the University of York in the U.K. This program of study will provide an opportunity to compare efficient health systems in the US, UK and Australia with the goal of identifying areas for improvement both from a cost as well as the health utilization perspective.
Economic evaluation of health care delivery is a global necessity. The U.S spends 17% of its GDP annually towards health care compared with 8-9% by Australia and the United Kingdom. In contrast, when comparing government spending of cash and services for families with children, the U.S. spends 2.4% of its GDP per child under 15 years, compared to 11.8% in the U.K. and 8.9% in Australia. As a result, families caring for injured children in the U.S., have less government support in terms of cash and social assistance benefits. Economic evaluation of healthcare helps identify where limited resources like government funding for health and human services should be allocated to optimize cost and maximize health benefits for the targeted population. There is a critical need for healthcare providers to understand the economic ramifications of our clinical decisions and make informed cost effective decisions for optimal care.
As a physician with the ability to perform economic evaluations of medical practice I will bring clinical relevance to the mathematical science of economic modeling. The U.K. is a global leader in economic evaluation of healthcare systems, and the team…
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