Economics Is Not A Science?

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“What is Economic Good For? ‘’
‘’ The fact that the discipline of economics hasn’t helped us improve our predictive abilities suggests it is still far from being a science.’’ What should be kept in mind is that, economic is not a science or if it is, it is a extremely weak focused of ‘’ science’’ since consumers truly, madly, extremely believe housing prices will never fall since they have never done that before. For instance, economics is broad discipline that covers many different fields. Just as some engineers study computers and others study different fields, some economist study taxes, and other study financial markets. I extremely like the way of thinking about economics as unique in the philosophy of science. However, I do not believe that economics operates the same as science since they are completely subject focus. Although economics can extremely be unique, the comparisons to hard science are often misleading. There are complex systems that hard sciences are unable to predict with much accuracy, like weather and earthquake. For instance, the position that Rosenberg and Curtain take is clearly unsustainable (‘’ What Is Economics Good For?’’). They have no support for their claims and manage to say the opposite to themselves throughout the article. They argue that economics looks like science, do what sciences do, talks like science, but then claim that it is not a science because it is subject matter is not scientific. Economics has low predictive power,
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