Economics, Political, And Union Leadership

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Economics, political viewpoint, and union leadership were the primary reason the union won the war. Although, Abraham Lincoln, committed to the preservation of the union, his leadership was not the primary reason the north won. The union economy had an advantage to winning the war over the south. The northern states had more money; which allowed them to increase their assets, such as, their industries, technologies, as well as transportation. The North acquired their money by raising loans and issuing bonds, as well as encouraging citizens and bankers to invest. Two- thirds of the money was from loans and bonds and one- fifth by taxes. More importantly the Internal Revenue Act (1862) brought in ten times more of the money than regular…show more content…
Despite those loses the Union army was able to redeem themselves in the battle of Fort Henry and Donelson and Shiloh. Their manpower and their economic advantage showed in all three of the important battles favoring the Union winning the war. Although, President Lincoln was focused on winning the war, he was able to pick good generals to lead the armies; however he was not mainly focused on the political aspects of the war. Lincoln came into office as President with little administrative experience. Whereas Davis, Confederate president, had military and administrative experience could use both to his advantage. Lincoln, having an analytical mind, was able to master the military strategy for the war. This made him more involved in the military aspect of the war and not the political or economic matters which was left to Congress. After his inauguration as President of the United States on March 4, 1861, Abraham Lincoln warned the South that secession was illegal under the Constitution and would declare war against the rebelling states if deemed necessary. Once the war began Lincoln was always fearful of the threat of southern sympathizers so, he suspend the writ of habeas corpus- the right of prisoners to a trial. Due to his little experience with administrative aspects thought this would be okay; to
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