Economics : The Great Famine

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If you look around, your family, school, and your life is created by economics. Economics is something that is always in the back of peoples brains; in reality it is important, economics dictates our lives. Socialism is one of these forms of economics. Throughout history Socialism has shown that it is matter in fact a theory instead of a fully functioning economic system. For instance If you look back into the history books Socialist countries have only shown atrocities against its citizens , for example Hitler was apart of the National Socialist German Workers ' Party and was the creator of many problems during World War Two, another after the Russian Civil war and the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics it resulted in “The Great Famine” which lasted for a year and caused the death of almost nine million people due to the fact that Stalin did not trust the lower class people in a “Classless” society,or alternatively North Korea where they suffer from famine too, North Korea says that they do not have a problem yet receive aid from the United Nations, it is even reported daily in the news. The media is filled with the atrocities that these countries create. There is a quote by Karl Marx, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”. This very much qualifies as showing that Karl Marx was aware that his theory of socialism was a tragedy and a joke.There is absolutely no justification in the actions that Socialism invokes upon its people. As a…
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