Economics and Change

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Economics and Change Dimensions of Professional Practice 08/02/2015 Economics and Change Introduction Health care in America is at the center of controversy. It is a progressive and rapid changing entity. Since the 1970s, America has seen many different types of programs and funds created to help solve the issue of the cost of health care. Many of these programs are on the brink of bankruptcy and have not done far enough to make it more affordable and assessable. Actually America has the most expensive healthcare system in the world and not only is it the most expensive, but in many areas such as quality of care, America is no where near the top among developed countries (Davis, Stremikis, Squires, & Schoen, 2014).…show more content…
This approach would greatly benefit people that are already under some type of government healthcare because the government would find the best companies to work with in order to provide all types of care from a routine visit to hospice. These companies would then charge the government only for the services provided. This is where there is a big problem. Right now pricing for most of American health care comes from a small group of doctors called the Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee or RUC (Munro, 2013). This is problematic because this committee is deciding the prices rather than the actual cost of products. If this process was changed then people could use rationalization to determine that a government ran universal healthcare system would be in the best self-interest. Healthcare Committee Committees are very important in improving and discussing ways to improve healthcare in America. There are many different types of committees that would be assembled, but the most important one would be one to replace the RUC. An example of what is wrong with the RUC is demonstrated in a balloon needed for sinus surgery. The balloon itself costs 2,600 dollars to be made. The RUC priced it at 3,000 dollars for each procedure. This balloon can be used up to 6 times before a new one must be used. Six procedures could be done with one balloon that costs 2,600 dollars and Medicare will
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