Economics and Production Possibilities Curve

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Principles of Miroeconomics - Final Exam
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1. Which of the following is not a positive economics statement? a. Prices of essential goods and services should be set by the government. b. Interest rates
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What quantity of output will the company produce in order to maximize profit? a. 2 units b. 3 units c. 4 units d. 5 units

11. Take a look at the exhibit above. At what price will firm sell its ' output to maximize profit? a. $2 b. $4 c. $8 d. Any price

12. Take a look at the exhibit above. If the firm maximizes profit, what will be the firm 's total profit? a. $24 b. $12 c. $8 d. $4

13. The process of negotiation between union and management to arrive at a labor contract is called a. arbitration b. mediation c. reconciliation d. collective bargaining e. impasse

14. You are stranded on an island and can either catch four fish in one hour or pick eight bananas in one hour. From this information, the opportunity cost of one fish is: a. 2 bananas. b. 1/2 bananas. c. 5 bananas. d. 2 1/2 bananas. e. zero, since you can 't compare bananas and fish.

15. Whatever else you learned about profit-maximization, you should have learned this: Maximum profit is obtained at the production level where a. P = AC b. TR = TC c. MR =
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