Economy During Ww2

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To begin, throughout the nineteenth century, there was a variety of wars that took place on Earth, which aided a country's economical aspect throughout their harsh times, due to the necessity of numerous resources. Firstly, throughout the course of a war, both countries on each team, must need resources such as ammunition,medication, and etc in order to have a chance in winning the war. For example, during the World War one (1915-1919), the Central Powers, which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire went to battle the Allies, which was made up of Great Britain, France, U.S, and Russia. Throughout the four years of War, there was an economic boom for both players because they needed ammunition to fight each other, which…show more content…
To begin, thanks to WW1, WW2, and many other wars, humans have been able to advance and invent new types of technology, which helped them in war, as well as in one’s ordinary life. For instance, throughout WW1, there was an introduction to a variety types of resources such as tanks, poisonous gas, flame throwers, airplane, and different types of vehicles. More importantly, the invention of wireless communication during this time, was the start of the telephone industry, which is still advancing. Provided that, these types of creations assisted the Allies to win both WW1 and WW2, as they further enhanced previous inventions. In a like manner, WW2 (1939-1945) was just as important as WW1, however, due to this war humans were able to produce one of the many crucial discoveries in civilization. For example, one of the most vital tools that was used during WW2 and present day is radar. This exceptional discovery allowed one to use radio waves to detect objects at a distance and attack their opponents in advance. Above all, one of invention used by mostly everyone in the world, is electronic computers and was developed by the british to break the Nazi’s enigma code. Equally importantly, during WW2, hospitals were able to save more lives, as a result of the discovery of different medications and assistance of technology to figure out the problem with one’s body. In
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