Economy and Society in Europe During 1848 Essay

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Economy and Society in Europe During 1848

The revolutionary year of 1848 was an extraordinary period in which popular disturbances brought down the government of many countries. The revolts were very widespread, seriously affecting about fifty countries in Europe.1 It ranged from an enormous area, ranging from the Atlantic to the Ukraine, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean. Factors that contributed to these revolts included: the potato crop had been destroyed, food riots broke out, and financial crises sprung about due to the high rate of unemployment.2 The development of major cities, such as Prague, Berlin, Liepzig, etc. contributed to the creation of the revolution. Also, anger arose over political issues because the middle
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These demands caused difficulty in the area of economics, where conflicts strike forms of disorder. This caused division within the government, enormous economic uncertainty, increased unemployment, and a rise in crime rates. The demands of the working class led to a bloody suppression, with thousands being killed. The failure of the new regime to gain control of their own armies also occurred. The survival rate in Europe was very low, yet the revolutionaries kept protesting to get exactly what they wanted.4

During this time, the Industrial Revolution was also taking place, yet it was in the midst of being over. Technology and production advances were taking place, no longer were hand tools common, and machines driven by waterpower and factories were now common in Europe. Coal mining was one key industry, in that it was a new source of fuel and was used in creating machines. Due to the flooding problem in coalmines, Thomas Newcomen invented the steam-driven pump. The middle nineteenth century brought about railroads, steamship lines, and telegraph networks. This led to many other inventions by other men, such as James Watt, Abraham Darby, and Henry Cort. All of these inventions led to the core of the Industrial Revolution. However, by 1848, these first-industrial revolution inventions soon were replaced. The second industrial revolution
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