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Biotic Pertaining to living organisms. Carrying capacity A maximum number of individuals or maximum population density that a habitat can support. Community All the organisms that live within a given area. Consumer An organism that obtains food from other living organisms. Ecological succession Changes in the species composition of an ecosystem following a disturbance. Ecology The study of how organisms interact with their environments. Ecosystem All the organisms that live within a given area and all the abiotic features of their environment. Exponential growth A model of population growth in which a population grows at a rate proportional to its size. Life history strategy The position a population of…show more content…
5. What organisms are at the base of a food chain or food web? 6. What role do decomposers play? What organisms function as decomposers in most communities? 7. Can two species have the same niche in a community? Why or why not? 8. What is parasitism? What are some examples of parasitism? 9. What is the difference between commensalism and mutualism? 21.3 Energy Flow in Ecosystems 10. All organisms need energy in order to grow, reproduce, and perform the activities necessary for survival. Where does this energy come from ultimately? 11. How does sunlight energy enter the biotic world? 12. How much of the energy at one trophic level becomes available to the next trophic level, on average? What happens to the rest? 13. What is an energy pyramid? 21.4 Kinds of Ecosystems 14. What are some of the factors that determine the types of organisms that live in a certain habitat? 15. What is the primary variable used to classify habitats into major biomes? 16. Give an example of a biome where the soil is nutrient-poor, and of one where soil is nutrient-rich. 17. Why are fires essential to savanna habitats? 18. What are some features of plants found in desert habitats? 19. What are the three life zones found in aquatic lake habitats? 20. What’s the difference between plankton and nekton? 21. What is the intertidal zone, and what are some of the organisms that live there? 21.5 Change in an Ecosystem 22. What is the difference between primary and
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