Ecosystem Services And Ecosystem Based Management

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This review of current literature attempts to provide the context for the upcoming research and findings. Ecosystem services and Ecosystem-based Management (EBM) will be discussed. The definitions, current methods, benefits, limitations, and challenges will be discussed. The literature review will discuss the unresolved issues or current challenges.
This literature review will…discuss scope and limitations.
Ecosystem services
Ecosystem services are defined as the benefits natural ecosystems supply to human well-being (Elliff and Kikuchi, 2015). These services directly and indirectly influence our welfare, and are of great interest to stakeholders, but also the community (UNEP-WCMC, 2011). One ecosystem has the ability to provide numerous services and functions. Recognition of ecosystem services is fairly recent, but the concept is something that has been part of human society since ancient times (Elliff and Kikuchi, 2015). The Millennium Ecosystem (MEA) in 2005, advanced the concept of ecosystem services. According to the MEA, these services can be provisioning services, such as food or water, regulating services, such as purification or waste management, habitat services, such as maintaining a species, or cultural services, which would be things such as aesthetic value. This assessment’s goal was to create a foundation of economist and ecologists, in a world where people and institutions appreciate natural resources and systems and recognize
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