Ecosystemic Psychology

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STUDENT NUMBER 46600361 PYC4808 ECOSYSTEMIC PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 2 UNIQUE ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 588438 TOPIC: FIRST AND SECOND ORDER CYBERNETICS TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1. Introduction 1 2. First order cybernetics 1 3. Second order cybernetics 1 4. How reality is seen by each approach 2 5. How health and pathology is addressed by each approach 3 6. Role and function of therapists 4 7. Ethical concerns 4 8. How first and second order cybernetic approach can be integrated In a useful and complimentary way 5 9. Conclusion 6 10. References 7 1 1. Introduction Cybernetics refers to the principles that regulate the dissemination of information or…show more content…
(Becvar and Becvar 2009) Baron (2009) noted that reality from first cybernetics approach may be explained from an isolated remote position. First order cybernetic perspective presents the idea of a single construct of reality, the truth is seen as absolute, discoverable and attainable while reality is seen as something that can be found and identified through observation while remaining independent of the observer. The therapist therefore discovers and treats problems from the outside independent observer perspective in order to initiate change without influencing or affecting the context or process. From the first order epistemological stance, the therapist perceives reality as something that one can discover through a process of observation without being influenced by this process. Therapist can discover and treat problems from an outside stance in order to initiate change. 3. Second Order Cybernetic principles Second order cybernetics, the observer is recognized as part of, or participant in that what is observed. Perception of both the observer and the observed is recognized. Reality is constructed other being recognized as something that is out there. The system is seen as closed with in-tact boundaries where only negative feedback may be defined. (Baron 2007) States that second order cybernetic approach is aware that it is not possible to understand other’s
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