Ecotopia vs. the United States: The Effects of Sustainable Education

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School is a fundamental location for the child’s mind to grow and prosper and the child is able to socialize and adhere to the environment that he or she learns about. In addition to education, simply being a component within the institution also formulates our beliefs. Schools are a prime institution to learn about green education in which it will prepare students to be sustainable in the future. In Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia, the protagonist, Will, travels to an ecological utopia where he learns how to live in a sustainable or an Ecotopian manner. Unlike the fictional story of Ecotopia, the United States’ way of living is vastly different. I am going compare and contrast the elementary educational systems and the role of teachers,…show more content…
Through their teachers, Ecotopian students ultimately learn how to be individuals within their local environment and provide care towards it. However, the lack of core knowledge and subjects does not help prepare students to be scientists. Although the emphasis of biology helps the student learn about his or her environment and sustainability, without common knowledge of language, math, and science, the student cannot make wise decisions about his or her “green” future. Ecotopian teachers helps students enhance their notion of biology but they do not concentrate on subjects correlated to biology. Ecotopian students also socialize in a different manner that is viable for the Ecotopian way of living. While in school, students are working for two hours on their school and garden projects (Callenbach 127). Although some students play, there is a “lack of babble” throughout the school because the children attend to their work in lieu of play (Callenbach 127). This image is dissimilar when juxtaposed to American schools because Americans associate children with the representation of running around and playing. There is a lack of social interaction and socialization when they are constantly working. Moreover, Ecotopian children have their own responsibilities tied to ameliorating the community in which they are taught to provide for themselves through work. Elementary school students are

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