Ecotourism In 'See The Planet, Save The Planet'

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Most people hear the word ecotourism and immediately tune out because they assume it does not apply to them. Well you know what happens when someone assumes. The facts are that at a point in someone's life their parents dragged them to go on a tour of a some sort of nature. The parents probably told them not to hurt it and in doing so they have been an ecotourist! Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas or nature-based areas that conserves the environment and preserves the well-being of local people. Some ecotourists mess up sometimes and others do not. Although many people think Ecotourism is butchering the environment, it actually can be beneficial for the environment and the people involved. Even though people may cause damage…show more content…
Most people, at some point, try to do something to the best of their ability, yet in the end it does not end up perfect. No one is perfect so everyone will screw up at one point or another. In Eviana Hartmans’s article “See The Planet, Save The Planet” she explains that one of the most common thing people do, which is “one of the worst environmental actions you can do”, is buy a plane ticket. The carbon emission from the plane are very harmful to the environment, yet 1,731,342 ride on an airplane a day. Most people do not know the harm a plane can do to the environment. The carbon that is released into the atmosphere traps heat which is most known as climate change. In Katy Koontz’s article “Is Ecotourism Killing The Golden Goose” she explains that “locals are encouraged to protect their resources and provide quality goods and services rather than pursue environmentally damaging activities”. They are starting to try to change the things that they do to lower the harm they are doing to the environment. They are minimizing the carbon footprint that they are putting on the Earth. There are many different activities you can do that will not hurt the environment. In Katy Koontz’s article she explains that some “Guides seeking bug tips reportedly drive off the road, harassing wildlife in an attempt to give tourists a closer look at the animals”. People's greed may mean the end of the healthy environment that we live in today. People willing to hurt the Earth for a few extra dollars need to change the way that they think because that is not healthy or right. We only have one earth. Yet later in Katy Koontz’s article she says that some eco-tour operators are “preparing people to look with new eyes at what they see or have a new consciousness”. All people need to do is change the way that they think about the environment. They need to think of the world
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