Ecuadorean Migration

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Most Ecuadorians living in the U.S. are economic refugees. During the 1960’s and 1970’s was the first wave Ecuadorians began entering the U.S. on tourist and work visas. Many of these early migrants intended to return to Ecuador after spending a year or two earning money. However, after passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986 granted legal status on undocumented migrants, many of these immigrants decided to obtain U.S. citizenship and remain.
After several decades of fairly slow immigration, the numbers of Ecuadorian immigrants to the United States jumped dramatically during the 1990’s. The main cause of this migration wave was directly related to the economy in Ecuador. A drop in Ecuadorian petroleum revenue combined with
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Making the decision to come to the US was made solely by her father and even though her mother at the time was pregnant with Karina, her and his extended kin thought that it was a good idea for him to migrate and supported his decision wholly. He left soon after Karina was born. Seven months after Karina was born her mother also left for the US, leaving her only child at the time with her grandmother with the intention of raising enough to bring her over later on.
There were many push and pull factors that influenced this family in their move and thought it sounds like one of the industrial-era reasons the main factor was for a better life with more economic and job opportunities than the were able to have in their country of origin. Karina's parents emigrated in 1996, this time period as stated above was one of great difficulty for Ecuadorians because the dramatic change in the economy produced a shift in family structures.
The main pull factors that influenced Karina's father to make his was to the US were; potentiality to achieve the American dream, the possibility to move up the social ladder, US and its better economical, to make more money, education only came into consideration when they brought Karina to the
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Even though they are considered a transnational family the majority of the family is still located in the country of origin. At first Karina's family mostly sent remittances solely for two reasons, the first was to build a house so that when they came back they would have the security of knowing that they already have a place to live and the other reason was for the health-care for her grandparents. Now after completing the house, they send money to help the family that is in Ecuador with most of their problems, this income is used for their basic
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