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ED 673 School Culture | Follow-Up #2 | Scenario Responses | | Nan Kane | 0/29/2013 | | Scenario #1: Part A: Description of School Culture Issues The key school culture issue in scenario #1 is that the team is an interdisciplinary team that is not function as such. They have been together for six years and works like a “well-oiled machine. It is obvious that the team has worked through the four stages of group development because they have addressed the social, emotional, and developmental needs of their students. The team has the cornerstones for effective collaboration and teamwork People, Task and Process (Conzemius and O’Neill, 2002). They have the leadership, commitment, knowledge, and skills. The team has…show more content…
New interdisciplinary teams will be established. I will use my expert power to set the stages of group development by identifying the purpose for them which is the integration of instruction among the disciplines. The groups will start off at stage one, Forming. The trust and confidence norm will need to be built among the new teams members in this stage (Gordon, 2013). The roles of the members need to be defined at this stage. The purpose has already been identified. Part C: Long Range Plan The long range plan will be for the teams to continue through the stages of group development. The Storming stage will be the next stage the team will work through. They will have to work through some disagreements and/or conflicts about their roles, power, and structure; and build consensus by revisiting the purpose of the team (Gordon, 2013). The Forming and Storming stages of group development are two of the cornerstones, People and Task, of effective collaboration (Conzemius and O’Neill, 2002). The team will continue to the Norming stage where they demonstrate an improved ability to create interdisciplinary instruction, solve problems, and conflicts that arise in the process. The team will have to make decisions on how they will go about making connections between disciplines. The leaders at this stage become less directive and more leaders

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