Ed Boone The Curious Incident

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The Curious incident of the Dog in the night time
In the curious incident of the dog in the night time, the character father is the most influential character to Christopher because he is deceitful and over protective, which impacts him in a negative way, he make Christopher runaway from home and now carries around a pocket knife, because of father. Throughout the book The curious incident if the dog and the night time father, Ed Boone, is the most influential character in the book, because he is deceitful. Father had been lying to Christopher about the death of Wellington, which made the truth so much more impactful to Christopher. Father exclaims "I killed Wellington, Christopher." (Haddon 120) Christopher does not like human contact, that's why him and his father touch
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Instead of telling Christopher mother left, he lied to protect himself. Father exclaims "No. it's a ordinary hospital. She has a problem . . . a problem with her heart."(Haddon 23) This is important because Christopher should have the right to know where his biological parents are in the world, dead or alive. Father is hurting Christopher more than he is protecting him. Similarly Father thinks he is protecting him by hiding the truth from Christopher. Father exclaims "I did it for your good, Christopher. Honestly I did. I never meant to lie. I just thought . . . I just thought it would be better if you didn't know . . .that . . . I didn't mean to . . . I was going to show them to you when you were older."(Haddon 144) Father is trying protect himself more than Christopher. Father is impacting Christopher by holding him back from learning what his family is going through, he is apart of the family he has the right to
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