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Educational Leadership in a Changing World Grand Canyon University: EDA 575 Communication/ Human Relations Essay February 20, 2013 Rodney Milliner Ginnette Hamilton Shannon Rochon Communication/ Human Relations Essay How should we as leaders communicate and uphold positive relations with others in a professional environment? “A principal evolves from viewing teachers as "instruments" to valuing teachers as leaders.” In our school, the principal is the head of our organization and since she does not have an Assistant Principal, is the head all alone. She has been principal for 10+ years at the same establishment and loves every day. She stresses to her staff the importance of student safety, student achievement, parental…show more content…
I have noticed that the staff respects our principal no matter what she asks. There might be murmurs among the staff, but the job gets done just as she has asked. During grade level meetings, the same applies. The principal states the objective of the meeting and then allows for any discussion. She is direct in how she answers but everyone leaves with a general understanding of what the expected outcome is to be. I believe that debate often leads to a “dead end” in most cases because one person already has their outlook on the situation and so does the opponent. The discussion leads to a long, drawn out meeting in which there is no reasonable solution. “If participants choose to suspend individual opinions and remain open to hearing what other speakers think, they engage in reflective dialogue, which allows new thinking and ideas to emerge (Issacs 2009).” In reading this article, this particular quote stood out because listening will from both the principal and the teacher will definitely be beneficial to both parties and most times than none, a consensus will be met. How do we as training leaders transform our thinking from directive to dialogue and more open discussion? Issacs (1999) states that implementing four components could definitely teach us better communication skills. They are “deep listening, respecting others, suspending assumptions, and voicing personal truths (Isaacs 1999).” When
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