Essay on Eda 575 Leadership and Systematic Change

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Running Head: LEADERSHIP AND SYSTEMATIC CHANGE Leadership and Systematic Change Ronte Harris Grand Canyon University: EDA-575 January 16, 2013 Often times the largest and most complex challenge in leadership is the ability to recognize the need and institute change. Many times leaders measure their success on the success of the change plan rather than the ability to bring about change. This is where I believe true leadership measurement lies. A successful change plan is as only effective as the ability of the leader to carry out such plan. My current school site is a medium sized comprehensive high school in rural North Florida. This site has about 1400 students with five administrators having delegated duties and…show more content…
This administrator works heavily with guidance counselors and department heads guiding the school’s instructional plan. This administrator’s shortfall would be the classroom experience especially in the subject areas that are heavily tested. Administrator/ Leader No. 4 is also new to administration with less than 5 years. His primary responsibilities are student services and discipline. This administrator has a great rapport with his colleagues and the students. His youthfulness and energy is a great plus to responsibility he assumes. This administrator also lacks years of classroom experience. However, in the role he assumes I don’t this affects his ability to be successful. Administrator/ Leader No. 5. is not new to administration nor to the role he assumes. Much like administrator No. 4, he is responsible for student discipline and activities. A lot of his responsibilities deal with students, coaches, parents and things related to extra-curricular activities. This administrator having been a former coach and teacher, lends a great deal of knowledge and experience to dealing with the logistics of running the school during and after regular hours. The most common factor among all the administrators and leaders at our school site is the manner in which they communicate with staff, students and parents. This uniformity comes mainly as a result of the principal’s demand for consistency among administrators when it comes to

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