Edahod5 Assignment 1

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The Educator as Assessor EDAHOD5 UNISA Assignment 1 by Student number 30557623 Question 1: Assessment instrument 1 Strategies for Assessment Learners, in pairs, have to prepare and deliver an oral presentation of any genre and topic, as agreed upon with the educator. The length of delivery should not exceed 10 minutes. The following assessment rubric will be used by the other learners in the class to assess the presentation. 1a. Subject/learning area 1b. Lesson topic to be assessed 1c. Grade to be assessed English FAL Oral presentation in pair: (with guidance from teacher on choice of topic and format of presentation if necessary) Grade 11 2. Learning outcome/topic Learning outcome 1 (NCS): Listening and speaking: The learner is…show more content…
4a. Person making the assessment judgements 4b. Motivation for choice of assessor Peer (group) assessment. Because everyone in the class will in any case be listening to the oral presentation I have decided to give them all practice in a) using an assessment rubric and b) in thinking through the requirements of a good oral presentation/debate. I will moderate by looking at some of the rubrics and asking the marker how he/she arrived at certain conclusions, based on my knowledge of their own (the markers') weak points. Assessment rubric A rubric lends itself to peer assessment: because of its detailed guidance on what to award a mark for it diminishes the subjective element in the
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