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Part 1 (A)

What is Curriculum?

For Curriculum it does not matter the religion or the nationality, children are educated into particular modes which can make sense of their experiences and the environment around them, and also into a set of behavioral expectations, skills and knowledge, which the society requires for its future.

A curriculum In practice, though is more than this. it is useful to think of it as being much wider. As a working definition of a curriculum I would say that it is the sum of all the activities, experiences and learning opportunities for which an institution or a teacher takes responsibility – either deliberately or by default.

This includes in such a broad concept of curriculum the formal and
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The National Standard Preschool Curriculum was based on the education act 1996(Act 550, Law of Malaysia) which provides the fundamentals of the curriculum policies in Malaysia. The Ministry of Education has been proactive in establishing free education for children, especially those in the rural areas. Preschool education is viewed as an important experience for each child in Malaysia.

The National Preschool Curriculum states that ‘the preschool curriculum promotes the holistic intellectual, languages, social, art and creativity, psychomotor, cognitive and spiritual development of the children’ (Ministry of Education, 2003, p.5,re trieved from http://www.scribd.com/doc/22301974/Malaysian-Preschool-Education )

The objective of preschool curriculum is to reinforce the achievement of ‘basic skills such as socialization process and personality development. The basic skills taught at this level are communication, social and other skills Reading, Writing, Counting and Critical thinking in preparation for primary schooling.

The National pre school curriculum was upgraded for the following reasons.

* To ensure continuity with the new National Standard Primary Curriculum. * The pre school curriculum is not too academically heavy for that children ages 4 to 6 yrs.

The national Standard preschool curriculum is divided in to two modules.

* module is Core Subject Modules.

* module is Thematic

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