Eddie's Death in Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge Essay examples

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Eddie's Death in Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge

Arthur Miller described this play as being "the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge…the gullet of New York"

Arthur Miller was born on October 1915, in New York City. His parents were both immigrants to the USA. Miller's family lived in prosperity due to the success of his father's clothing manufacturing business. However as the clothing manufacturing collapse, the family became bankrupt, with the American Economy as a whole following the Wall Street crash. Following the Wall Street crash, Miller worked as a longshoreman in New York's Brooklyn harbour. He experienced "a dangerous and mysterious world at the
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When Beatrice's cousin, Rodolfo and Marco (two brother seeking refuge in the USA) appeared on the scene all things changed as the story finally unfolds in a tragic "bloody" death.

Eddie's wife, Beatrice, was aware of the deeper, more disturbing reason for Eddie's protectiveness towards Catherine. Nevertheless, Catherine is very selfish in her behaviour, had Catherine listened to Eddie and retained respect for him, she might have not have fallen for Rodolfo and caused the chain of events leading to the tragedy. Catherine should have been more conscientious, more obedient and resisted Rodolfo's advance at Eddie's behest. Catherine was careless, absent minded and inattentive.

Beatrice is liable for Eddie's death based on the fact that she has not provided Catherine with the correct advice. Moreover, Beatrice encourages Catherine to be independent and therefore misleading her. In provoking Catherine with phrases as "you got to keep yourself more", and "go ahead, dance Rodolfo" Beatrice forms a protective barrier, forcing Eddie to back off Catherine's case in becoming an independent girl and move ahead her relationship with Rodolfo. Beatrice saw the unhealthy attraction between Catherine and Eddie but acted ineffectively and too late to stop it. "You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her!"

Following the traditional law of the community
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