Eden Project

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Contents Introduction 3 Step 1: identifying the main problems or questions 4 1.1. Summary of Eden Project 4 1.2. Problem Statement and main problems 5 1.3. Description of the strategy development of the Eden Project 5 Step 2: gathering the facts 7 2.1. Analysis of Eden’s strategic capability 7 2.1.1. Strategic capabilities and competitive advantage 7 2.1.2. Kay’s distinctive capabilities 8 2.2. Analysis of Eden Project’s environment 9 2.2.1. The PESTEL framework 10 2.2.2. The industry life-cycle 10 2.2.3. Market segments 11 2.2.4. SWOT analysis 11 2.3. Analysis of Eden’s Project strategic purpose 12 Step 3: alternative courses of Action 16 3.1. Five possible alternative courses of action 16 3.2. Evaluation of the 5…show more content…
But the Eden Project tries to stick to its intended strategy and not to create a big gap between intended and emerged strategy. A method by which the strategy development can be explained is the “strategic lenses”. This method views strategy development as design, experience, ideas and discourse. Strategy as design means that it emerged through rational processes, whereas the experience lens sees the strategy as the outcome of individual and collective experiences. The lens “discourse” sees strategy as the result of communication and concepts. The last lens, which is the idea lens, is about the development of strategy as a result of innovation (Johnson et al, 2008). The Eden Project´s strategy development can be seen with the lens of idea and to some extent, design and discourse, because the project is very unique and innovative. It´s developed over time and cannot be based on previous experiences or concepts, since there is no such experience Step 2: gathering the facts 2.1. Analysis of Eden’s strategic capability Strategic capability is concerned with the resources and competences that an organization needs in order to survive. These resources and competences can be used to meet the minimum requirements of consumers. (Johnson et al, 2008). 2.1.1. Strategic capabilities and competitive advantage In this section the strategic capabilities and competitive advantage framework will be applied to the Eden Project. A distinction between threshold
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