Edgan Allan Poe

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Edgar allan poe lived in a time when Americans were feuding between each other . Many pieces of poes literature is influenced by the time period he lived in. Edgar allan poe wrote about his surroundings and how the world was affected by it.poe has a lot of controversial ideas that is portrayed in most of his writings ,poems, and also his short stories.

Edgar allan poe was an writer influenced his surroundings. Edgar allan poe lived in a time where the termole began to grow exponentially between the south and north. He based a lot of his short stories on the breaking of something whole. Which could be interpreted as America splitting into different parts of a nation. The fall of the house of usher tells a story of how a brother
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That even the main character took drastic measures to keep himself from getting the disease but in the end that is the very thing that ends up killing him. That someone in the castle must have

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already had the disease so therefore there is no way to escape death. This relates to the outbreak of tuberculosis in the 1800s.

“The concern for ordinary people did not extend beyond white males,however.in 1830,congress passed the Indian removal act, which forced the eastern tribal nations to move west of the Mississippi under desperate conditions so their lands could be claimed by speculators. Those who resisted were slaughtered. In the most notorious of these removals, which came to be known as the trail of tears, the U.S army removed the Cherokee from their homelands in Georgia and North Carolina to Oklahoma in 1838. Four thousand Cherokee died en route .By 1842, only a few Native American groups were left east of the Mississippi.” (Owens 126) Edgar Allan Poe’s writings were influenced by death. Most of Edgar Allan Poe’s writings theme is how there is no escaping death. In Poe’s

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