Edgar Allan Poe : A Literary Catalyst

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Edgar Allan Poe: A Literary Catalyst Edgar Allan Poe created a new age of poem and prose though his articulate calculation of production and fantastic usage of poetic effect. His way of creating a work was to mathematically draw the poem from the atmosphere or effect backwards, running this idea throughout the piece. Many people consider Edgar Allan Poe as one of America’s greatest authors, but still question that without Poe, the unveiling of the human propensity represented in poetry, the beauty in atmosphere brought by tone and sound, his marvelous and original usage of poetic elements, and the truly original compilations of rhythm and rhyme would have taken decades longer to develop. Poe’s originality demonstrated itself not only in his passion for the poetic voice, but in the influences of his infantile experiences and substance abuse.
The Human Disposition and Errs
Poe was able to limn an impeccable and chilling manner; the exception to the moral order; he created storylines and poetical writings that elaborated upon the human disposition. According to The Unknown Poe, the solemnity of his writing was surprising, and his audacious hallucinations became not only convincing, but rational and logical. The absurd took over intellect with demonous rationale, making the deranged mind take grief with a grin. Poe’s main concern with the human mind was its flaws- its decomposing manner when driven mad due to the death of another or repentant delusions. He
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