Edgar Allan Poe : An American Poet And Critic

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Edgar Allan Poe was an American author, known as a poet and critic, however most popular as the first literary expert of the short story structure, particularly stories that were mysterious and horrifying. He exceeded expectations particularly in the categories of riddle, macabre, and repulsiveness. He in more recent time has been credited for coming up with the "Sci-Fi" and "Detective" genres. His work was so often so disturbing and dark that many tend to have a hard time reading it to completion. Since his death, the artistic characteristics of Poe 's compositions have been questioned, yet his works have continued to be famous as he impacted numerous American and European authors. Yet the question of Poe 's sanity is one that is…show more content…
His brother and sister went to different families. The Allan family, was very fortunate, and Edgar experienced a great life while living with them. As a sign of appreciation for his assenting family, Edgar adopted the middle name of Allan to become known as Edgar Allan Poe. He started to go to school in 1815, amid this time he went to a boarding school in Chelsea, Scotland and a grammar school in Irvine, Scotland. It is said that he also attended "Reverend John Bransby 's Manor House School" at Stoke Newington close London. (CITE) He attended the University of Virginia, in 1826, but dropped out within his first year. Despite the Allan 's being extremely fortunate, John Allan would not give Edgar the money he needed to survive college. To compensate for the lack of cash, Edgar began gambling yet he lost vigorously. His betting obligations placed a farther strain on the relationship between him and his adoptive father. Poe was poor and in desperate need of cash. This led him to join the United States Army under the false name of Edgar A. Perry. He served as a Sergeant Major for several years before being honorarily discharged. In 1829, Poe moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he lived to with his widowed aunt Maria Clemm and cousin Virginia Eliza Clemm. At this time Poe 's older brother Henry was additionally living with them. That same year, Poe 's adoptive mother,
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