Edgar Allan Poe Biography. By. Alyssa Marshall.

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Edgar Allan Poe Biography By Alyssa Marshall Mrs. Guinn English III March 6, 2017 Abstract Edgar Allan Poe was a writer in the “Gothic Era”, many of his stories genres are horror like “ The Masque of The Red Death”, mystery such as “ The Fall of The House of Usher”, lost love as in “ The Raven”, and obsession such as “ The Pit and The Pendulum”. Edgar’s poems and short stories are influenced by tragedies that happened through out his lifetime. Poe influenced not only American literature but literature around the world. He also influenced writers around the world such as Sir Conan Doyle, Fyodor…show more content…
Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809. As a child Poe’s father David Poe Jr, a professional actor abandoned him and his mother also a professional actor, who died when Poe was only three years old from tuberculosis. Later on, Poe moved to Virginia with is foster parents, which were very successful. Him and his foster father had a complicated bond. At the age of 13 Poe started writing poems that had meaning. Poe started attending the University of Virginia in 1826; he excelled in college but had financial issues and developed a gambling addiction, which ruined his financial status. Poe published his first book “Tamerlane and other poems” in 1827. Two years later, he learns Frances (his foster mother) was dying of tuberculosis. She passes away before he could return to Virginia. Poe joined the army around 1827. After the lost of his mother John and Poe make peace and he helps Poe get into West Point, he excelled and published his second poetry collection “ Al Aaraaf”,” Tamerlane”, and “ Minor poems” in 1829. Later that year Poe gets kicked out of West Point and starts focusing on writing full time. Poe starts traveling for writing opportunities. In 1836 Poe marries his cousin Virginia, which

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