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Edgar Allan Poe Life & Work Yaneris Cruz ASA College Edgar Allan Poe is considered one of the most important writers of all time in American Literature. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston Massachusetts. Most of his work is characterized because of the darkness and grief readers can interpret through his work. Poe's life was tough and complicated. Since his early childhood, his life was filled with sad moments. Such as the dead of his parents and the dead of his wife Virginia. It can interpret that the tragic success during his lifetime deeply influenced his writing. Readers can find an example of how his life influenced his writing. The poem of "Anabel Lee" and "Alone" can be associated with the grief, depression and loneliness encounter during his life and after the death of his wife Virginia and during his infancy. Edgar Allan Poe life was traumatic since his childhood. The death of his parents during his early childhood was the beginning of a series of traumatic events that mark his life in a negative way. Events that he reflects. in his writing. According to his poems "Alone" "from childhood's hour, I have not been as others – I have not seen other saw-I could not bring my passion from the common spring". ( (Poe, poetryfoundation, n.d.)) The lines of his poems "Alone" underscored the suffering of his childhood where readers can understand how different was his infancy from others child. He did not have a usual childhood surround of

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