Edgar Allan Poe Death

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The death of Edgar Allen Poe is quite the mystery. No one knows what really happened to the failed poet that cold night, while he lay on the street. Many theories suggest that Poe was murdered by one of his many enemies or that he has brain cancer and died on the street. One theory I support is that Poe died from alcohol poisoning, there is quite a bit of evidence that supports Edgar Allen Poe passed from alcohol poisoning such as he became addicted to alcohol after his wife passed, he was found near a pub, and he had brain symptoms that pointed to alcoholism. Edgar Allen Poe was married to Virginia Poe when she was only thirteen years old. They were the happiest couple in the Poe family, they were always laughing and singing together. All this rapidly changed when Virginia became sick, she was later diagnosed with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was a well known disease to Poe, as many of his loved ones died from tuberculosis, so he knew that his love would not live for long. Upon the diagnosis of Virginia's disease, “Poe began to drink more under the stress of Virginia’s illness.”(CSI: Edgar Allen Poe) He would spend hours at taverns attempting to drink his sorrows away, but alas it did not work, it only caused the poet to become an alcoholic. His heavy drinking habits prove that he would very likely died from alcohol as his consumption level was far too high.
Poe was found semi- conscious on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. He was rarely responsive and had slurred speech

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