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Vargas1 Maria Vargas David Luther Composition 2 November 29, 2017 Research Paper Edgar Allan Poe was an established American author, writer, commentator, and proofreader best known for suggestive short stories and his poems that caught the creative energy and enthusiasm of readers all around the globe. Poe's writing is a testament of his less than stellar life. Throughout his lifetime Poe had no shortage of loss or struggle, starting with the loss of his mother and brother to tuberculosis at a very young age. Tuberculosis claimed a few others of Poe's loved ones, including his cousin and fiancé Virginia, who also was his literary inspiration, and later Frances Allan, his guardian who died while he was away at West Point. After…show more content…
Almost all the villagers succumbed to the tragedy that was the Red-Death. Meanwhile, Prospero spends his time planning a masquerade to celebrate the idea that money and wealth can somehow cheat death. Part of his decorating for his party, Prospero had each of his 7 rooms decorated a different color. These different rooms symbolize the seven stages of life or the seven ages of man as so eloquently put by the one William Shakespeare. The stages are infancy (blue), schoolboy (purple), lover (green), soldier (orange), justice (white), Pantalone and old age (violet) and facing imminent death (black). The rooms were arranged from east to west as the sun does rise in the east and sets in the west. As the party goes on all the revelers gravitated towards all the other colored rooms, not many dared to step foot into that seventh room, the darkest room, symbolizing man's fear of death. The party goes on without interruption except for the occasional loud chime of the ebony grandfather clock in the seventh room chiming at the top of the hour each hour rendering the crowd of masqueraders and band speechless and instilling fear for a single moment. Then the festivities would continue. The night goes on, and a mystery masquerader wearing a mask has been acknowledged. This figure stood out because they didn't seem to share the same feeling in the gay festivities as the rest of the revelers. Prince Prospero, was not happy with this mysterious masquerader
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