Edgar Allan Poe Use Imagery To Build A Fire

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“But from a certain nameless awe with which the mad assumption of the mummer had inspired the whole party, there were found non who put forth a hand to seize him; so that unimpeded he passed within a yard of the Prince’s person;”(Poe, 76) a stench strong with rotting filled the chambers, to every corner so that none of the revellers were spared. The figure continued his slow pace through the blue chamber to the purple, from the purple to the next and so forth with the rest. The silence was deafening only contradicted by the drum of heart beat. The lights through the window panes seemed to grow brighter with every daunting step, making the color in each apartment blaze strongly; especially the scarlet red. Engulfed with a rage the prince engaged after it; but the he was too late once in the black room the figure vanished, gone with him the stench and agonizing terror. Once again a light laughter pervaded the…show more content…
The once sealed iron gates reopened, the assembly moved forth with their prince at the lead, excitement brewed throughout; but sudden like the striking of the ebony clock, fear struck for what they believed they had out done, for what they believed they had escaped, waited behind them inside the castle wrought iron gates. For no one could escape the scarlet blood and agonizing pain that waits. The figure stood and slowly like before he advanced; with every stroke of the clock, which you could hear from there, he took one step. Pale became the faces, fast became their heartbeats, and the whole of them quaked in fear, even the eccentric prince dared not move; for blood, scarlet blood, spread everywhere. “And one by one they dropped each dying in the despairing posture they fell. And in the darkness and decay and the red death held illimitable dominion over all.” (Poe,
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