Edgar Allan Poe 's All The Senses, And The Symbolic Expression Of Emotion

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Today, Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most revered American authors as many consider him the inventor of the detective fiction genre and an influence on the development of the poetic movement of Symbolism, which favored “the derangement of all the senses” and the symbolic expression of emotion. However, Poe spent most of his life struggling as a full time writer. This is mostly attributed to the fact that he could not stay sober whenever he had a steady job. Poe’s battle with alcoholism led to the obliteration of his dream to publish his own magazine and eventually to his demise. The problems Poe faced in his life began when he was born and snowballed with tragedy after tragedy. Due to the constant hardships that he faced throughout his life, such as the abandonment of his father and the rocky relationship with his foster parents, the early deaths of his mother and young bride, and the persistent poverty that plagued most of his adult life, Edgar Allan Poe aimed his works towards a mysterious, gruesome, and tragic outlook on the world as portrayed through the characters in his novels.
From a young age to his adult life, Poe never had a real family to count on. At age one, Poe’s father abandoned him and his family and not a year later his mother died of tuberculosis. John and Frances Allan then took the young boy in. However, John and Edgar often fought. The source of their issues stemmed from financial instability and debts. The Allan’s were fairly well off, but John refused

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