Edgar Allan Poe 's The Cask Of Amontillado

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Most people don’t realize how much authors describe themselves in their own writing works. Edgar Allan Poe has turned out to be one of my favorite writers and one of the greatest writers in his time. In the story of “The Cask of Amontillado” the suspense, the irony and the symbolic words are a reflection of Poe himself which captives any reader to the tale of revenge. To Understand Edgar Allan Poe’s works we have to understand who Edgar was. Poe’s reputation was primarily based on his tales of terror. It made him seem as if he was a dark heartless man himself. Nevertheless, he was more that, he was the middle child of three, he had lost both of his parents at the age of three, and he had big dreams of being a great writer (Poe Museum 2014). As a young child, he was cared for by Mr. and Mrs. Allan. Mr. John Allan wanted Edgar to be a businessman and a Virginia gentleman like his self (Poe Museum 2014). Mr. Allan didn’t like the fact that Edgar wanted to be a writer (Poe Museum 2014). Edgar grew up in a good environment and went to the best schools, and at the age of 17 he went to the University of Virginia (Giordano 2007). During his college years, with the money that Mr. Allan gave him to support his schooling, Edgar would become an alcoholic and got into debt. Eventually, he drops out of school for a while, but by then he was well in his writing and was already on his first book called the Tamerlane (Giordano 2007). He didn’t have much money, so he joined the U.S. Army…
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